My journey of overcoming generational spiritual abuse and religious trauma.

He Is Enough Book, Audiobook, & Mini-Course
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START. How To Read This Book

Find out the reason this book exists and how you can benefit from reading it before you start. Read this short section to see if you’re meant to read it ALL!

The Sacred Parts Of My Soul Religious Trauma

1. The Sacred Parts Of My Soul

The subtle beginnings of my own imprint of religious ideologies and how people walked where angels fear to tread, namely, on the sacred parts of my soul.

Unraveling Religious Trauma

2. Unraveling The Trauma

Here I attempt to define what “religious trauma” is and how it affects our lives. There is a survey in this episode to see if you’ve been affected by it yourself.

The Rest Of The Story

3. The Rest Of The Story

This is the hardest parts of my story. The part where all the puzzling contradictions of religious trauma live. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.

Instilling The Truth

4. Instilling The Truth

EventuallyGod finds me and defines Himself to me, personally. This changes everything and propels me on a healing journey to find and instill the real truth.

Martha & Mary

5. The Tale Of Two Believers

Finally, I illustrate my transformation story called, “The Tale of Two Believers,” an allegory of two archetypes for those “healing from religious trauma.”

Have You Been Challenged By Religious Trauma?

Debra Shafer
Debra Shafer

Debra Shafer is motivated by setting people free. She has authored two books, built numerous websites, created course content, and founded STRONGLIFE COMMUNITY, a unique, worldwide private community, where PEOPLE OF FAITH gather together that want to grow, using a Biblical escape route for breaking free from uncertainty and emotional stress to find freedom, improved relationships, new habits, and a balanced life, and to heal from spiritual abuse and religious trauma.

She is also the mother of four and grandmother of 8. Her base camp is Mount Shasta, CA, and she currently travels while working to promote STRONGLIFE COMMUNITY and The True Principles of Psychology, synthesize healing information, and counsel those imprisoned believers searching for freedom.

When not working on her life mission… she can be found walking in the woods, singing, reading, nature journaling, sketch note-booking, or trying to keep her grandchildren occupied!

Debra Shafer is the founder of STRONGLIFE Community, a benevolent organization.